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Top5 has a long history of implementation success in both the public and private sectors. Our consultants have lead roles in major ERP, SaaS and Custom system implementation efforts for global Fortune 500 companies.

Top5 has a long history of implementation success in the private and public sector. Shared Services are designed to eliminate silos and share a pool of resources among entities in order to make routine processes as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Shared Services implementations streamline key business processes such as accounts payable, travel reimbursement, general ledger, procurement, HR/payroll and other high volume transactions.

Most Shared Services processes are governed by Service Level Agreement (SLA) - a two-way commitment for both the business function and the Shared Services center. Unlike basic centralization of services, Top5 works with our clients to design SLAs to make sure that both the Shared Services center and their customers are meeting their mutually agreed upon goals.

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