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Top5 knows that successful Project and Program Delivery is about understanding requirements, dependencies and prioritization. Whether the challenge is your initial vision looks nothing like the end product or you simply want to further improve delivery efficiencies, you need to assess your full development lifecycle. 

Top5 pin points key focus areas:

  • Right-size testing Environment

  • Align Release Management approach

  • Automate testing solutions

  • Budget for quality

  • Build in Security from the start

  • Meet performance standards

  • Prioritize focus on high business impact 

  • Use core customer processes as guiding principle

Top5 helps plan and deliver self-funding Program Management across the development lifecycle by mapping core business processes as the foundation for quality improvements and by prioritizing the avoidance of revenue impacts to your company


Case Study

State of OHIO

Top5 was instrumental in the design, creation and implementation of a Statewide Shared Services Capability for the State of Ohio.

Efficiencies resulting from this project will help save Ohio taxpayers money and will help alleviate some of the staffing shortages that will result from the aging of the workforce in the years ahead.


The Financial Shared Services operation is expected to reduce agency finance costs by 10 to 15 percent annually for State participating agencies.


Following the implementation of the finance solution, Ohio Shared Services will explore restructuring the state's payroll processes and anticipates reducing payroll costs by a similar percentage.


  • Reduces the cost of back-office functions in order to devote more resources to other programs

  • Consolidates and streamlines business practices and administrative processes

  • Implements advanced functionality such as e-government and self-service web applications

  • Creates the organizational foundation for migration of other financial, HR and other administrative services in the future.

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